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Family rallies to free K.C.


LAPEER COUNTY — The holiday season was a tough one for April Grondin. Just a few months earlier she believed with all her heart that her son, Kenneth 'K.C.' Grondin III would be exonerated in the 2011 shooting death of his girlfriend Andrea Eilber.

She thought wrong. In October of 2015, after a three week trial the jury issued a guilty verdict against K.C. He is currently lodged in an observation cell in the Lapeer County Jail. He'll be back in court on January 26th for sentencing in Judge Nick Holowka's courtroom.

Grondin family continues fight for “Justice 4 KC”


Carl Grondin, Sr. is adamant his grandson, Kenneth C. Grondin III, did not murder his girlfriend, Andrea Eilber, in 2011. Grondin, Sr. and K.C. Grondin’s parents, Kenneth II and April, are so certain of his innocence that they’re prepared to “spend their last dime” to get him released and are busily preparing for a retrial should they be granted a new trial by the Michigan Court of Appeals three judge appellate panel.

ABC12: $100,000 reward offered to prove convicted killer's innocence

abc12 2

FLINT (WJRT) - (12/24/15) - There's a $100,000 reward for whoever can prove a convicted killer's innocence.

The story has had twists and turns since 20-year-old Andrea Eilber was found shot to death in near Lapeer County back in 2011.

Her boyfriend, Kenneth Grondin, is convicted of her murder.

His family maintains he didn't do it.

Family hires private investigator to prove convicted killer's innocence

abc 1

LAPEER COUNTY (WJRT) - (11/10/15) - A private investigator is helping a local family in their attempt to prove a wrongful murder conviction.

Kenneth Grondin was convicted of killing his girlfriend and will spend the rest of his life in prison, but his family says he's innocent.

“I will go to my grave proving this. I don’t care how much it costs,” said Carl Grondin, Kenneth Grondin’s grandfather.

Where is the evidence?

So, the brutal murder of a beautiful young girl has been avenged, the murderer in jail, justice is served. Hallelujah, amen...

Not so fast. Not. So. Fast...

The County Press 10-28-2015 edition finally brings up some of the questions that almost everyone on the defendant's side were asking, and so do two letters to the editor. And I've got a few questions myself for the state, the judge, the prosecutor, and the jury:

And the major, number 1 question: Where is the evidence?

Juror in Grondin murder trial raises questions

LAPEER — Speaking to The County Press on the condition of anonymity, a member of the 12-person jury that found Kenneth C. Grondin III guilty of the first-degree murder of Andrea Eilber, told The County Press that they are certain Grondin is innocent.

Appeal likely in Grondin verdict

LAPEER — Family and friends of Kenneth C. Grondin III weren’t the only ones stunned by Friday’s guilty verdict.

Courthouse watchers were taken aback that a case built on circumstantial evidence, where the defense had several alternative suspects, came back with a guilty verdict.

An appeal, allowed under capital murder charges, is almost a certainty.