Letter from Carl Grondin, Sr.

  • letter carl sr
  • Dear Friends and supporters,

    My family and I can't say enough in thanks for all your support and prayers.

    It may have been raining Saturday, but the light was shining in our hearts with all of you being at our dinner at the Dryden Vets Hall.

    We especially thank Mike Terry and his wife Tracy for all the great food and all others for making extra dessert and more food & beverages.

    We hope many of you had a chance to meet Al Norris, the private detective working to clear KC III's name and solve the crime for Justice for Andrea.

    Also we hope you got a chance to meet Dennis and John Clark, our appeals attorneys. They believe 100% in KC III and know he is innocent.

    Please pray that God's divine will is on Judge Holowka and that he will rule favorably for KC III.

    Thanks again and keep the faith.

    Carl Grondin, Sr.